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Blutiges Edelweiss. Die 1. Gebirgs-Division im Zweiten Weltkrieg
(Bloodstained Edelweiss. The 1st Mountain-Division in WWII)
The history of the 1st Mountain Division and the XXIInd Mountain-Army-Corps.

Von Wien nach Kalavryta. Die blutige Spur der 117. Jäger-Division durch Serbien und Griechenland
(From Vienna to Kalavryta. The bloodstained path of the 117th Rifle-Division through Serbia and Greece)
The regular Wehrmacht-Divisions path through Serbia to the Peloponnese is characterized by partisan warfare and executions of hostages, especially the massacre in Kalavryta.

On August 13, 1943 in the epirotic village Kommeno 317 civilians were murdered in cold blood by members of the 1st Mountain-Division.

Missing in Greece. Destinies in the Greek freedom fight, 1941 – 1944.
For more than a quarter of a century the author researched the fate of his father who was abducted in 1943 by Greek partisans and declared missing by the Wehrmacht.

Auch Brücken haben ihr Schicksal (Bridges too have their destiny).
In June 1943 British Commandos blew up the Asopos viaduct between Thessaloniki and Athens. The supply route of the Axis powers to southern Greece and the islands was cut for weeks.

Die Erinnerungen des Hans Wende (The memoirs of Hans Wende).
The functioning of the command structure of the Army Groupe E in Greece is explained and Kurt Waldheim’s gaps of knowledge are closed.

Mousiotitsa – Kommeno – Lyngiades.
Hundreds of civilians were killed in 1943/1944 by members of the 1st Mountain-Division.

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